BlackHoodie goes Bluehat!

We have our second Blackhoodie event happening in the USA!! This is a spinoff on the sidelines of the Bluehat conference at Microsoft. Just like other BlackHoodie events, this will be free, it will be women only, and it will be crazy challenging.


Date: September 25th, 2018
Venue: Microsoft Campus, Redmond, WA
Time: 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM
Who: Women

This event will have two tracks.

Track 1: Intro to malware RE

Bhavna Soman will be teaching Introduction to Reverse Engineering Malware. Students will go over the basics of x86 and IDAPro, and use that to analyze real world malware samples (VM set up instructions will be provided beforehand). They will learn common techniques that malware authors use to evade detection and analysis. Finally, they’ll be provided with challenge binaries to test their new RE skillz. This workshop will be supported by Marion and Anna Trikalinou.


  • Ideally some form of computer science background
  • Laptop with minimum 8GB RAM and 25GB free disk space for VM

Capacity: 30

Track 2: ARM Exploitation 101

Maria ‘Azeria’ Markstedter will be teaching students to reverse engineer and exploit ARM binaries. After getting an understanding about ARM assembly and vulnerable functions, students will learn how to write shellcode and develop exploits for memory corruption vulnerabilities including NX bypass.


  • Laptop with minimum 8GB RAM and around 25GB of free disk space for the Lab VM.

Capacity: 30

Registration link: Link
Registration timeline: Registration will open 14th August 2018 at Noon and will remain open till slots are available. Seats will be allotted on a first come first served basis.

Finally, please note that we cannot cover travel or housing for attendees. There may be snacks and some form of caffeine :). More details will be communicated prior to the event.