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BlackHoodie at Hexacon 2023

4 Workshop in Paris: Introduction to Software Reverse Engineering, C++ binary Reversing, Cryptographic algorithm identification, AV/EDR bypass on Windows

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Blackhoodie at Grehack 2020 - Virtual

When Thursday November 19, 2020 from 9h00 CET to 17h00 CET (this is an indication, agenda may change, you will have more precise information when you registe...

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BlackHoodie is Back at BlueHat Seattle!

We’re partnering with BlueHat Seattle again this year!! Get set for the second BlackHoodie event in the USA for 2019! Just like other BlackHoodie events, thi...

Blackhoodie @ HackLu announcements

You already knew we had a master plan to come back to Luxembourg. You asked for it, we heard and we know you are pressing F5 like crazy to check what we have...

BlackHoodie comes back to San Francisco!

I promised we’d be back! So here we roll again, BlackHoodie is coming back to San Francisco, this time filling the Google campuses in downtown with a crowd o...

BlackHoodie goes Hack In The Box!

Aaaaaand…. We Hack Again! BlackHoodie is teaming up with Hack In The Box \m/ Expect us, May 9th and 10th 2019 at the majestic Beurs van Berlage building in d...

Blackhoodie event at Troopers 2019

We are going to have a Blackhoodie event at Troopers 2019 on March 18th and 19th in Heidelberg. With a very exciting event last year, we have decided to roll...

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Solving the Blackhoodie18 Challenge

defusing a binary bomb for fun and learning! This year’s Blackhoodie challenge was designed by N1aKan. As a first time Blackhoodie attendee and a complete n...

BlackHoodies @ Recon MTL!

Both: We are not good at expressing ourselves but sometimes we do want to convey things that are important to us. And during the past months, some marvellous...

BlackHoodie goes Bluehat!

We have our second Blackhoodie event happening in the USA!! This is a spinoff on the sidelines of the Bluehat conference at Microsoft. Just like other BlackH...

BlackHoodie event Bay Area 2018

Years ago I was listening to a talk at the CCC Congress in Hamburg, where a hackerette explained to us how she managed to exploit a Tamagotchi. I was starstr...

BlackHoodie #4 - rocking as hell

We roll again, Berlin November 16-18! 3 tracks of workshops, two introductory ones, one  advanced; one track is me yelling my usual litany, the other two are...

OffensiveCon MeetUp - Berlin

It is our delight to invite you to our blackhoodie meetup event at Offensive Con. The conferece has a lineup of great speakers from Google’s Project Zero, In...

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BlackHoodie IRC101

What is that thing ? It stands for “Internet Relay Chat”. It’s basically a bunch of servers hosting channels where people can chat together.

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