BlackHoodie #3 - Staring assembly to death

I am happy to announce BlackHoodie #3, a free reverse engineering workshop for women, taking place the 25th and 26th of November in the beautiful city of Luxembourg. :D The first two editions rocked my socks off, quite literally; I got to meet the most stunning crowd of engineers on both occasions.

The workshop will be held at the offices of CIRCL, the Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg, whose fine people kindly offered space and support. Also, this year there will again be one or two or more travel grants, to be given out to participants who cannot afford the trip on their own. Please note, the grants will be distributed by random selection. I will post more details, as soon as I figured them out :)

Finally, I’m insanely thrilled this will be happening again. I’m looking forward to the next most wonderful workshop, with oh so many inspiring participants, who then walk out and stir up our industry.

For more info about Blackhoodie, check out the about page here.

Registration and Schedule info is here, and here.