BlackHoodie 2017 - 3rd Edition Archive

Friday, November 24th, 2017

Location: Room A
Time Talk Presenter
10:00 Arrival & Welcome Blackhoodie alumnae
11:00 Flash dumping kylma
11:30 SMT solvers in malware analysis barbie
12:00 Monitoring engineers with the cloud Carly
12:30 —————————— Lunch Time  
02:00 Sandbox evasion using junk (stalling) code Myshelle
02:30 Network Forensics - Follow the Bad Rabbit down the wire Casheeew
03:00 Tracing/MitM between phone and SIM card with SIMtrace Chrysh
03:30 —————————— Break  
04:00 Kernel Shim Engine for fun Gaby
04:30 Malware analysis for policy muggles marasawr
05:00 Greetings Mari0n
05:30 Thank you / Lightning talks / round table ALL

Saturday November 25th, 2017

Location: Room B
Time Talk Presenter
09:00 Writing ARM Shellcode Part 1 Azeria
11:05 Writing ARM Shellcode Part 2 Azeria
13:00 —————————— Lunch Time  
14h30 Deobfuscation with Miasm using Symbolic Execution Noutoff

Sunday November 26th, 2017

Location: Room B
Time Talk Presenter
09:00 Tele-communication security Priya
11:05 Virtualization Cbelle
13:00 —————————— Lunch Time  
14h30 Intro into the Windows kernel Gaby
Impressions from Blackhoodie17
Yet another edition of BlackHoodie by Priya
Blackhoodie17, of reverse and women by N1aKan