BlackHoodie #4 - rocking as hell

We roll again, Berlin November 16-18! 3 tracks of workshops, two introductory ones, one  advanced; one track is me yelling my usual litany, the other two are entirely held by former attendees and will feature topics of their likings. That might or might not include Windows kernel, ARM, car hacking, yada yada, yes we now hack everything, did I mention that?  Former BlackHoodies keep blowing my mind with their advances in not only RE but oh so many different areas. I keep on thinking we might in the end indeed change an industry. Speaking of which, you can be part of it. BlackHoodie #4 will again be free, women-only and super challenging. ALSO, we will again have a one day conference before the workshops, cause two days apparently are not enough! CFP is now open.

And here go the hard facts:

When: November 16-18, 2018
Where: HERE Offices Berlin, Germany
What: 1-day conference on Friday, 2-day workshops Saturday/Sunday
Registration: send an e-mail with name or nickname + a little on who you are and what you do, AND the preferred workshop to
REGISTRATION CLOSES: August 31st Already closed!
Travel: We will have a limited number of grants for people who cannot afford the trip on their own. Please note that the grants will be distributed by random selection.
Schedule: Here


Track 1: welcome party - Introduction to x86 Reverse Engineering (Beginners)


  • Computer science background in a sense you understand programming logic, how a processor works and how an operating system works

  • A virtual machine, preferred Win7

  • No need to have dealt with x86 before


  • In this track you will be introduced to the basics of malware analysis (static and dynamic) and reversing techniques.

  • Attendees will have to complete 4 homework assignments before the actual bootcamp in November

Track 2: new world conquest - Introduction to hack all the things (Beginners / Intermediate)


  • Basically similar to track 1, computer science background in a sense you understand programming logic, how operating systems tick, what the essential parts of a web application are, basics of cryptography, how networks work, etc.

  • Security affinity assumed

  • Don’t fret if you don’t come with ALL requirements, knowing a little bit of something is tots fine ;)


  • This includes introductory workshops on a broad range of topics which could treat crypto, web security, an intro to binary exploitation, network forensics, hardware security, telco security and so on.

Track 3: on-my-way-to-rock-as-hell - Reversing all the things (Intermediate / Advanced)


  • Firm understanding of Operating Systems and computer architecture concepts

  • Exposure to x86 and x64 assembly and C language is assumed

  • Familiarity with debugging and reversing frameworks

  • Grasp of the TCP/IP protocols

  • Familiarity with VMware/VirtualBox and be able to import and configure virtual machines.

  • Technical requirements for the specific workshops will be communicated in advance


  • This track includes workshops that we don’t think beginners will find entertaining, since they require some understanding of topics listed above already. Typically former attendees bring mentioned requirements already. Workshops might tackle Windows kernel, ARM exploitation, one or another little hacking challenge. (TBC.)

PLEASE NOTE registrations must include a short info on who you are and what you do, and without indication of workshop preference you will end up wherever there is space left :)

General requirements:

  • Being female
  • A notebook capable of running at least one virtual machine
  • Guts :) (It is going to be a lot to learn in a very short time)


The concept of women-only has no intention of pulling up walls or feeling exclusive, we don’t need special help, don’t need to be prefered by anything or anyone. I repeat, none of us could give less f*** about being granted a single thing based on our gender.

Blackhoodie is about creating space in an industry that’s by definition offensive and very competitive, it is a special invitation for talents who wouldn’t otherwise find the courage to start hacking on their own. It is a place, where attendees feel encouraged to grow skills without pressure, where they can be themselves without having to compete.

And, it works. BlackHoodie alumnis have gone far beyond all expectations since the workshop series started. They now hack minesweeper into showing where the damn flags are, give talks at international conferences on how to reconstruct C++ class hierarchies with SMT solvers, or how to gain code execution from XSS abusing the Electron framework, they hold workshops on car hacking, on ARM shellcode writing, on Windows kernel shim abuse.

They serve on conference review boards, including BlackHat our industry’s prime venue, and are listed on the prestigious Forbes 30under30 list. I kid you not, most of the BlackHoodie attendees haven’t stuck their noses into security research before they joined the bootcamp.

Why so successful you wonder? There are plenty of women out there who are ready to kill, but aren’t sure where to begin. BlackHoodie offers an easy start with a complex topic, packaged up with a courage boost and a neat network of contacts in the industry. This package, paired with the incomparable drive of a chronically underestimated minority, gives the ladies superpowers.