Blackhoodie at Grehack 2021 - Virtual


Wednesday November 10th, 2021.

Schedule (may change):

Time       Name
CET 8:30 PT 23:30 pm ET 2:30 am IST 1:00 am Welcome
CET 9:00 PT 00:00 am ET 3:00 am IST 1:30 am Training 1
CET 12:00 PT 3:00 am ET 6:00 am IST 4:30 pm break
CET 14:00 PT 5:00 am ET 8:00 am IST 6:30 pm Training 2
CET 17:00 PT 8:00 am ET 11:00 am IST 9:30 pm break
CET 18:00 PT 9:00 am ET 12:00 pm IST 10:30 pm Training 3
CET 21:00 PT 12:00 pm ET 3:00 pm IST 01:30 am Closing speech



Call for trainings

  • We are looking for trainers : Submit Here
  • Trainings are 3 hours longs which is perfect for a first training.
  • Submission deadline is September 1st.

Do not hesitate to submit a draft just to let us know that you are interested, and give us more detail after the deadline.


Registration will be available soon.


Registration is free

Training Topics:

To be announced ..

What is BlackHoodie?

BlackHoodie is a series of free, women-only reverse engineering bootcamps, which started in 2015 and in 2018 slowly became a global initiative, with events happening in different locations in Europe and the United States. More information on the idea of BlackHoodie and upcoming events can be found at